Preparing your home for sale

When the time comes for you to sell your home, you may need to step back and see the home from the perspective of a potential purchaser.  It can be a challenging exercise because you will need to consider how your house presents from a very objective perspective rather than with the emotional connection most owners have with their home.  Things that you may view with affection and sentiment (think heights of your children on the architrave) or where your puppy chewed the living room carpet or scratched the laundry door; this won’t have the same warm, fuzzy feeling as it does for you.  These things will appear to a prospective purchaser as work they need to do and money they need to spend to repair.

It is best to remove the negatives and make sure that prospective purchasers have a positive and welcoming experience of your home.  Fresh, clean and ready to move in.

Three key areas to prepare for your sale:

1. Make simple repairs.  Wear and tear, damaged paint, broken tiles, stained carpets.  These unsightly areas instantly alert prospective purchasers that there is money to be spent on repairs and it can dampen their enthusiasm for your home  and this will have an impact on the price they would be prepared to offer for the property.  Discuss with us what areas need some attention without overcapitalising.

2. Clean and declutter. If you have a look at other properties on the market currently or those which have recently sold, you’ll probably notice that the owners have de-cluttered prior to the property coming to the market.  Everything will look clean and neat and often, owners have used a property stylist to bring stylish, modern furniture into the home to really maximise the emotional appeal a property will have for a prospective new owner.  Removing clutter makes rooms look as spacious and bright as possible, a factor most of us look for when searching for a home.  Cleaning the home thoroughly makes the home look cared for.  Tidy wardrobes, clean inside cupboards and drawers.  All these things contribute to making a great impression.  A well cared for home sends a message to buyers that if there were any maintenance issues, they would have been remedied because these owners care about their home.  

3. Style your home.  If you are moving out of your home prior to it coming to the market, a property stylist will bring in a house full of furniture and accessories to make the property look appealing.  Alternatively, you could do this yourself if you are staying whilst the property is on the market.  Have a look at some small enhancements you could make such as new bedding, some colourful throws and cushions.  Small things can make a big difference!

How to fix up your home before bringing it to the market.

If you’re handy, then you’ll be able to do lots of these things yourself.  Otherwise, if you need a hand, we have lots of tradespeople who would be happy to help you.

Walk through your home with a notebook and look objectively at each room.  Create a list of things to do before you bring your home to the market.

1. Front fence – is it in good condition?  Does it need any repair?  Are there creepers growing through which need to be cut back?  Could it do with a new coat of paint?

2. Lawns – are they lush and green or could they do with some repair and water?

3. Paths and driveway – are there cracks?  Could they do with a pressure wash to clean them up?

4. Front door – does it need a wash or a coat of paint to freshen it up?  Are there colourful pots of plants to welcome people to your home.  Do you need a new doormat?

5. Windows – Are they clean inside and out?  Are there cobwebs around which need sweeping away?  Do the window sills need a sand and some oil or a fresh coat of paint?

6. Façade – Does it need a pressure wash or to be re-painted?

7. Interior walls – Are they in good condition and a neutral colour? Perhaps a wash with sugar soap will be enough to freshen them up.

8. Architraves – are they chipped or dented?  Do they need any repair or paint?

9. Flooring – Are the carpets clean and in good condition?  Are floorboards dented, worn or scratched?  Do they need to be re-polished?

10. Kitchen – are the cabinets clean and undamaged? Would painting them modernise the space? Would replacing the benchtop make it look more contemporary? Does the splashback need to be replaced?

11. Bathrooms – are the tiles in good condition? Does grout need to be cleaned or replaced? If tiles are dated, would they be better replaced or painted with tile paint?

12. Laundry – is it clean and tidy?  Is there useful storage and space on bench tops?

13. Garden -  are there plants which need to be pruned?  Do garden beds need weeding?  Could you plant some colour to add some “WOW” factor?

These are some areas which we know will help to create a great impression of your home.  Please feel welcome to chat to us about your home and we will be pleased to provide some advice, whilst also ensuring you don’t overcapitalise.


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